Cabins and Vans for Sale

Cabin 232

Two (2) Bedroom Rainbow Ensuite Cabin.

Lounge/Kitchen.    Full ensuite with seperate Toilet.

Partly furnished.   Gas Instant HWS.

Gas Oven, Hotplates and Griller.

Plenty of cupboard space.

10 metres in Length.

$60,000.00 ONO

Cabin 173


3 Bedroom Rainbow Ensuite Cabin & Annexe

Flyover.     Front Deck.

Furnished.   Gas Instant HWS.

Double Bed & 2 Sets of bunk beds.

Electric Oven & Hot Plates.

$55,000.00 ONO

Cabin 187

Two Bedroom Rainbow Ensuite Cabin

Double Bed.   Triple Bunk beds.

Gas HWS.   Gas Hot Plates & Griller.

Fully furnished.    Excellent Condition.

$26,500.00 ONO

Cabin 146

2 Bedroom Viscount Cabin and Aluminium Annexe

Lounge.  Kitchen.   Dining Room

Air-conditioner.   Ensuite.

$62,000.00 ONO

CVan 138

Executive Caravan and Aluminium Annexe

With Caravan Ensuite. (Shower, Vanity & Toilet)

Reverse Cycle Air-conditioner.

Caravan Double Bed.  2 Futons

Gas Oven and Hot Plates.    Furnished.

$16,000.00 ONO

(Alterations required to Front verandah roof, fence & sides)


CVan 249

8 metre Franklin Caravan and Aluminium Annexe
Ensuite with Shower over Bath & Toilet.
Full Flyover.       Fully Furnished.
Caravan Double Bed.    Sofa Bed.
$18,000.00 ONO

CVan Site 154

16' Caravan and Annexe with Flyover

Double Bed.  Futon.  Sleeps up to 6

Fridge.   Electric Hot Plates.

Reduced to $10,500.00

CVan 258

5 metre Franklin Caravan and Aluminium Annexe with Flyover

Air-conditioner.    Fully furnished.

Double Bed & Sofa Bed.   Sleeps 4.

(Front fence to be removed)

$14,250.00 ONO

CVan 264

7 metre Viscount Caravan and Annexe with Flyover

Split System Cooling.   Gas Hot Plates.

Furnished.    Double Bed.

(Front Fence to be removed)

$18,000.00 ONO


CVan 221

6.5metre PaceSetter Caravan & Aluminium Annexe

Furnished.   Gas Oven & Hot Plates.  

Air-conditioner.  Flyover. 

CVan Double Bed.  Futon.

$10,000.00 ONO

CVan 227

5 metre Millard Caravan and Aluminium Annexe

Caravan Double Bed.   Fold up Bed.


$10,500.00 ONO

CVan 225 Interior

Franklin Caravan and Aluminium Annexe.

Caravan Interior recently renovated  & in excellent condition.

Split System.   Gas Hot Plates.   Fully furnished.

Double Bed.   Four bunk beds.

$18,000.00 ONO

CVan 159

5.5 metre Millard Caravan

Full Ensuite (Toilet, Shower & Vanity)

Gas HWS.    Flyover

Furnished    Split System

$19,950.00 ONO

CVan 157

5 metre Rambler Caravan and Aluminium Annexe

Two x Single Beds.  2 x Sofa Beds.

Electric Hot Plates and Oven


$9,000.00 ONO

CVan 99

5 metre Caravan and Aluminium Annexe

Caravan Double Bed.   Single Bed

Furnished.    Electric Oven

$9,500.00 ONO

CVan 205


7 metre Caravan and Aluminium Annexe

Caravan Double Bed & Single Bed.

Bunk Beds.  Furnished.   Gas oven & hot plates.


$4,00.00 ONO

CVan 244

6 metre Caravan and Annexe

Double Bed.  2 x Sofa Beds


$8,000.00 ONO   

CVan 239 Crop

6m Caravan & Annexe

Excellent condition.  Interior renovated.

Air-conditioner.  Double Bed.  Sleeps up to 6


$7500.00 ONO

CVan 243

6.5 metre Capricorn Caravan & Aluminium Annexe

Flyover.   Furnished.   4 x Electric Hot plates. 

Double Bed.  Futon.  Sleeps 6.    

$10,000.00 ONO

Front section of annexe to be removed.

CVan 278 Crop

6 metre Franklin Caravan and Aluminium Annexe

2 Double Beds.   2 Single Beds.

Air-conditioner.   Microwave.

Electric Griller.

$12,000.00   ONO

CVan 217

Franklin Caravan and Aluminium Annexe

Double Bed. Single Beds.  2 x Fold down couches.

Fully furnished.  Gas oven & hot plates.

Price on Application

CVan 259

6 metre Millard Caravan and Aluminium Annexe

Flyover.   Furnished.   Air-Conditioner

Gas Oven & Hot Plates.

$8,500.00 ONO

CVan 260

5 metre Viscount Executive

Double Bed.  Bunks.  Single Bed.

Electric cooker.   Airconditioner.


(Flyover to be removed)

Bungalow 241

Fibro Cement Bungalow

2 Bedrooms.   Recently renovated in excellent condition.

Air-conditioner.  Fully furnished.

Double Bed.   Sofa Bed.

$10,500.00 ONO

Bungalow 120


Fibro Cement Bungalow

One Bedroom.    Furnished.

Split System. 

$4,,000.00 ONO

Bungalow 123

Fibro Cement Bungalow

One Bedroom with lounge living area.   

Double Bed.  Bunk beds.


Air-conditioner.  Heater 

$6,000.00 ONO

Bungalow 101

Fibro Cement Bungalow

One Bedroom with lounge living area.   

Double Bed.  Single Bed, Sofa Bed.



Bungalow 123

Fibro Cement Bungalow

Two Bedrooms with lounge living area.   

Double Bed. Bunks, Sofa Bed.



Long Term Holiday Sites -   Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Fees

Our Long Term Holiday Site Agreement is strictly that.    It is a holiday agreement, it does not cover permanent living.    

Our Site Fees for a ‘standard non-sewered site’ are;

$3920.00 for 12 months 1/7/14 to 30/6/15 if paid in one lump sum at the start of your ‘agreement’ or

Two payments of $2010 for a total of $4020.00 or              

Four payments of $1017.00 for a total of or $4068.00.



Our Site Fees for a ‘standard sewered site’ are;

$3980.00 for 12 months if paid in one lump sum at the start of your ‘agreement’ or

Two payments of $2040.00 for a total of $4080.00 or

Four payments of $1035.00 for a total of $4140.00 or                                      


For what we term a ‘Site & a Half’ the fees are;

$4250.00 for 12 months if paid in one lump sum at the start of your ‘agreement’ or

Two payments of $2175.00 for a total of $4350.00 or

Four payments of $1105.00 for a total of $4420.00.

Payments made by a Credit Card will attract a 1% fee per transaction.    

Payments made by a Debit Card will attract a 15 cent fee per transaction.   

Who is included under the agreement

 Our Standard Site agreement covers either:

               A Family of up to 4 named persons.  (Adults &/or Children) OR

               Two Adults & all of your own children under 18 years. 

(All to be named on the Agreement)

Additional persons can be covered under the Agreement for an additional yearly fee of $175 per named Adult or $60 per named Child.

How long does the Agreement last

Your first Agreement will be current until the 30th of June .   

We make no guarantees for any longer period after this, nor do we guarantee that a particular site will be available during any further Agreement term.  

The Agreement covers you for 120 site nights use.    Use in excess of that will be charged at the overnight rate.    

Are there any additional costs/charges?

Site Bond.       A $100 refundable Site Bond.   Refundable on condition that upon leaving the park the site, to the satisfaction of the park owner, is returned to its original condition.   i.e. rubbish, building materials, concrete, pavers  to be removed.   

Electricity .     Cabins/Bungalows are billed directly by energy company’s.    All other sites are individually metered by us & are charged a supply charge quarterly and for the electricity consumed.   Supply Charges are currently $78.37 per quarter.

Water.    Usage is covered under the Site Agreement.

Boom Gate Card .               A $20 refundable deposit applies.   One card per standard site.   (Two cards for a Site & a Half.)

Guests/Visitors.   Guests who stay overnight and who are not named in the Agreement must pay the overnight fee of $15.00 per Adult per night and/or $6 per Child per night.    The fee does not apply to day visitors unless they stay after 11pm.

Gas.        45kg Gas cylinders used on site are subject to an Annual Agreement with Elgas who at the time of writing charge a hire fee of $35.50 per cylinder per year.    (Regulations apply as to their siting.)

Rules      A copy of our ‘Park Rules’ is available at the office for perusal.    They are amended from time to time.

Can I rent my unit out for profit?

The owner of a UMD shall not commercially sublet the said dwelling.

Insurance            We require that you insure your unit against loss or damage.    The Park Insurance does not cover your unit, vehicle or your personal property.

Pets                      No pets are allowed.

Sale of Cabin/Vans on Site

Is conditional upon:- 

(a)      notifying the caravan park owner in writing of the intention to sell the dwelling.

(b)      informing any prospective purchaser that the sale of the dwelling voids any agreement with respect to the occupancy of the site.

(c)         advising any prospective purchaser that they make their own inquiries of the caravan park owner with respect to the prospects of entering in to an Agreement.

(d)        the age of a dwelling.  The sale of a dwelling on site that is over twenty years of age is at the discretion of the park owner.   Each unit is assessed each time it comes up for sale as to whether it may remain on site.

What fees apply upon sale?

We do not charge you a transfer fee but will charge 2.5% sales commission if you wish us to negotiate the sale of the dwelling on your behalf.    A new customer is charged a $50 administration charge.

Age of Vans    

It is the park owners’ policy that cabins or caravans over 20 years of age will not be allowed into the park.    An offer to renew a Long-Term Holiday Site Agreement for a caravan or cabin that is over twenty years of age that is already on the park is at the discretion of the park owner.    Each time that a unit comes up for sale we inspect it to decide if it is able to remain on site.

Waste Water - Non-Sewered Sites         Not all sites are connected to the sewer system.   Some are on a sullage system.   We recommend use of the sinks in the BBQ area to wash dishes.   Later connection to the sewer system is dependent on the sites location.  (Seek advice from the Office)     

Termination of an Agreement

The Agreement and associated occupancy right ends -

(a)      if it is so agreed between the principal occupant and the caravan park owner; or

(b)      if the occupant vacates with the consent of the caravan park owner; or

(c)      on the date specified in a notice to vacate given by the caravan park owner or a notice of intention to vacate given by the principle occupant, which either was entitled to give; (generally 90 days) or

(d)      if the occupant abandons the caravan; or

(e)      if the caravan park is sold; or

(f)       if the occupant’s caravan, beyond the reasonable control of the occupant, becomes unfit for human habitation or is destroyed totally or to such an extent as to be rendered unsafe; or

(g)      if the site or the caravan park become unfit for human habitation, or

(h)      at the commencement of any new Agreement between the principle occupant and the caravan park owner.

(i)       at the end of an Annual Site Agreement corresponding with the first year of occupancy.


Prior to commencing any works or alterations permission shall be sought from the Caravan Park Owner.

Common Questions

Who owns the Caravan Park?                       We do.     It’s privately owned.

How long will this Caravan Park be here?     I have no idea.   Whilst I have no intention of selling, circumstances can change.

What would happen if the Park was sold?     That would be up to the new owners.   Our contract with you expires on the 30th of June.    We make no guarantees of any longer period.

Can I live in the Caravan Park?     Not without the permission of the Caravan Park Owner.   

This document relates to Long Term Holiday Sites only.

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